Logsquare engaging with a new audience at Materials Handling ME 2021

Logsquare recently participated in the Materials Handling Middle East show, which was hosted during the World Expo from 2- 4 November at the Dubai Exhibition Center.

The show was a perfect platform for Logsquare to showcase its latest technologies and innovations to a brand new audience.

The exhibition focused on the most pressing challenges facing supply chain management and professionals today while highlighting how companies can contribute to support the development of the intralogistics industry in Dubai and the Mena region.

“ The market for fast-moving consumer goods faced considerable changes: The challenges faced by the factories in production for the surge in demand due to consumers resorting to stockpiling of water and food. One other challenge was the spike in demand for consumer packaged goods (CPG),” explained Marwan Khalife, Business Development Manager, Logsquare.

“ The defies as well were on the supply chain where there was a need to replenish the empty shelves and fulfill the delivery to the consumers who used e-commerce to purchase products that they usually buy in a store.”

Logsquare weighs in on three principal components: a shift to digital, the increasing importance of sustainability, and a generational shift.

  COVID has driven the integration of the digital experience and the reconfiguration of supply chains to increase their agility. “ The experience of the pandemic has developed FMCG companies thinking in areas such as robotics, which it had previously considered introducing with the aim of “leveraging the use of new technologies wherever possible”. The survey outlined a broad range of technologies that are being used to enhance both resilience and flexibility. Although a greater regional spread is evident, it is clear that FMCG firms are keen on introducing cutting-edge technologies into their supply chains,” added Khalife.

“ 49% of consumers say that they are willing to pay higher-than-average prices for products with high-quality/safety standards, which consumers often associate with strong sustainability practices. Labour conditions, environmental awareness, traceability… were among the priorities listed by companies to improve sustainability.

Companies were inclined to invest in technology in their production, storage, and supply chain to enhance sustainability. Log Square was positively affected by assisting in implementing automation in intralogistics and the supply chain. In addition to the existing list of references, we have on the drawing board several prospects featuring several technologies. Automated Storage and different Picking technologies are blended into one solution.” Concluded Khalife.